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Truck DOT Safety Inspections


Mobile Fleet Express, Inc. Offers on-site Federal Safety Inspections either during or after hours to help keep your fleet running. We follow all the CVSA rules and will make your fleet DOT compliant.

You’re busy. Time passes. Inspections lapse. It happens. Instead, let Mobile Fleet Express help keep your Federal D.O.T inspection (Department of Transportation) inspections current.

Depend on Mobile Fleet Express to help keep your inspections up to date


Make no mistake, one little sticker can stop a truck dead in your tracks. Keep yours rolling.  Mobile Fleet Express Express performs Federal DOT inspections AKA Mobile Safety Lanes or Mobile Safety Inspections.

Best of all, once we inspect your vehicles, we’ll automatically track your expiration dates to give you plenty of warning when renewal time comes around again.


What to Expect in a D.O.T. Inspections


If you need your truck inspected in Northern Illinois, southern Wisconsin, or NW Indiana, you can count on Mobile Fleet Express. to ensure the process goes smoothly. There are many parts of a truck that are looked at during a DOT inspection, and the purpose of the inspection is to ensure that the parts on the vehicle are in working order for safety and environmental reasons. At Mobile Fleet Express, we provide inspections on behalf of the DOT to all trucks and trailers.



There are a number of lights that will be inspected during a DOT inspection.  Of course, headlamps will be inspected to ensure that they are in working order as will both rear, red reflector lamps. Turn signal lamps need to be functioning properly when put into operation, including both the front set and the rear set. Trucks that are more than 80 inches wide must also have cab lights in the front and the back for safety reasons which need to be inspected.


For tail lamps and stop lamps, the number that your vehicle is required to have will depend on the year that the truck was manufactured. If your vehicle was manufactured after 1959, you’ll need to have two tail lamps and two stop lamps. Vehicles that were manufactured in 1959 and earlier only need one tail lamp and one-stop lamp. Finally, when you need a beam indicator, which is the signal inside the vehicle that tells you if you have your lowlights or high beams on. This is only true for vehicles that were manufactured in 1948 and later.



The inspector will also look at a few things that help you see while driving such as mirrors to help you see behind the vehicle. Windshield wipers must be in working order, with blades that aren’t cracked. 



The entire brake system and tires will be inspected. Tires will be inspected for tread depth and the pattern of wearing. The brake system will also be inspected to ensure that it’s in working condition.

Steering & Suspension systems


Exhaust System

Any leaks in the exhaust system are also addressed.


Other Parts

Finally, the inspector will check that the seat belts are installed in all of the seats and are in working order. There shouldn’t be any that are cut or frayed. The horn should honk easily, and the steering wheel should move the wheels easily and without any sounds. 



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